Exhibitions / News

This year the Brighton Festival Open House Exhibition will be held at the Pottery on the following dates in May:

Sat. 5th, Sun.6th, Mon.7th             Sat.12th, Sun.13th                Sat.19th, Sun.20th     

Sat.26th, Sun.27th, Mon, 28th

Chris Lewis                        Ceramics

Rachael Akester               Hobby Horses

Anne de Geus                    Paintings

Eileen Baldwin                 Paintings

Susie Monnington           Paintings

Elaine Peto                         Ceramic Animal Sculpture

Cecily Tucker                    Paintings

Gwen Raverat                   Wood Engravings

We look forward to a sun drenched May so that everyone can sit in the garden enjoying the delicious food that will be produced by Rachael & Lizzie.

I shall be having a firing of my wood fired kiln in April, so there will be lots of new work to see.






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