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THE MAY EXHIBITION HAS BEEN POSTPONED DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC. The next likely date for an exhibition is September. However as things are constantly changing I will post any updates as they occur.

I will be having my annual firing before the exhibition so there will be a lot of new work in the showroom and the garden.

The lockdown and self isolation have given me the opportunity to work on some projects that have been in the planning stage for a number of years. I hope visitors will soon have the opportunity to see the results.



This year the exhibition in the gallery will feature a selection of practical objects from tribal societies around the world. Despite their often mundane usefulness, these objects are often imbued with immense sculptural and spiritual significance. It will also be evident that they have had a lasting influence on my own work over the past 45 years.


At present no other shows or exhibitions are planned for 2020.

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